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No-Pattern Jumper


Let’s make a jumper – from scratch, without a pattern! First of all, let me say that if you can knit then you can totally do this. There’s math, and there might be bits that don’t work out first time round, but you’ll get there – and I hope that the process isn’t too daunting, and that these tutorials will provide a good guide. Please get in touch if anything is unclear – always happy to help! We’re going to be making a basic raglan jumper, like this: It is knit in the round on circular needles, starting at the bottom, and the only seams you’ll have to deal with are short bits under the arms. The rest is all in one piece. There are two strands to these tutorials: 1. Instructions for how to do this 2. An explanation of what I did to make this stripy jumper – that is, I’ll be talking about how to put these instructions into practice.

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